Custom beer labels at

BrewDog sponsored The Thousands with a very generous donation of their Punk IPA beer, so in return I want to take some time out from writing about street art to mention their (very tasty) beer and PunkDog, a site to create custom labels for BrewDog beer.


On PunkDog you can design your own beer label with words and pictures and even fill your bottles with one of three of BrewDog’s beers. I can only vouch for the Punk IPA, but from what I hear, everything else they brew is just as good. I think I’ll have to give these a try for my next Vandalog event. It would be cool to have good beer with the Vandalog logo on it.

Order by the 18th and you can have your PunkDog beer in time for Christmas. A 6 pack is just £18.99 plus shipping.

What are you waiting for, try out the PunkDog label designer now.