Total Rewall


If any graffiti writers actually get involved with Total Rewall, it will be emmensely interesting, but that is a big if and by no means guaranteed.

The press release:

TOTALREWALL is bringing photography into the world of graffiti, by giving artists and creative types alike, for one week only, a rare chance to work their magic on otherwise forbidden territory.

The thirty-two TOTALREWALL photographers will be posting up giant photographs on the walls of the famous Leake Street Tunnel in South London. Each image represents the individual photographer’s concept of walls and surfaces capital that are out-of-bounds to street artists, graffiti writers and creative types of every calibre.

An open invitation is extended to everyone who feels they would like to contribute to the
project by stenciling, spraying or drawing on the in a way that adds to or the changes the original image. Notwithstanding that, visitors are also welcome.

Our event will start on the 4th of December 2009 at 7 pm and end on the 10th of December.
For further information and directions please visit