Dave The Chimp

Looks like Elbow-toe isn’t the only artist releasing art for super cheap this holiday season. Dave The Chimp is holding his Lucky Dip sale for the 2nd year in a row.

If you like Dave’s work, this is your chance to get an original piece for next to nothing.

From Dave The Chimp’s website:

Lucky Dip
Every Lucky Dipper gets an original, one-off “Human Bein” painting, pulled randomly from a stack of 70 (that’s the “Lucky Dip” element!)
PLUS a signed copy of my book “Part of Rebellion 2: Dave the Chimp”, a copy of my latest zine “Recycle Ya Bastards issue 2” (hot off the press this week) and a copy of the Vanzine, which folds out into an A2 sized 2 colour poster.
All for just 35 euros (Europe only. 40 euros rest of the world due to shipping costs)
Interested? Then email me for further instructions on how to play: davethechimp@gmail.com