Revok gets arrested (again)

Not long after his arrest in Australia, Revok has been arrested once again. This time, he was in LA.

The LA Times has got the story:

A reputed tagger who was paid $1,000 to be a featured “guest artist” at a self-described graffiti art store was arrested at the downtown store this weekend after authorities found him carrying spray tips, which are used in tagging, officials said today. Jason Williams, 32, who was on probation and goes by the name REVOK, was appearing Sunday as the guest of honor at the 33rd Graffiti Art Store, said Sgt. Augie Pando of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The store was exhibiting Montana spray paint, a brand used by taggers, Pando said.

During a later search of Williams’ home, deputies found several hundred paint cans, a police badge and a fire extinguisher, Pando said. They also found a stolen detour sign and digital photos of his graffiti work on his phone.

I’m very interested to hear how the LAPD plans to show that those particular caps were used by Revok for illegal tagging. The fake police badge could be a bit of a problem though…