New Imminent Disaster and Blanco In New York

Props to Guero on the photos. It is nice to see some new work in this neighborhood. This spot especially has had an interesting history. As you can see there was an old old swoon piece right next to that pipe running along the wall, and an elbowtoe poster down the block. About two years ago I put up that horseman once the swoon piece was torn down and then everything fell apart. There was one individual who pursued every street piece in the neighborhood and effectively destroyed them with brown and orange spray paint. Considering how rich Gowanus was with street pieces, this was actually quite a travesty in my opinion. It went beyond the understood weathering of time and interaction to a place of unfortunate destruction. Whatever the intentions of the perpetrator were, they most definitely deterred anyone from going back and since then these streets have witnessed a real lull in new work. Check out this page on streetsy to see all of the defaced pieces by elbowtoe

Given this background, it is wonderful to see Imminent Disaster and Blanco returning and I hope that the threat of "the brown burner" has finally subsided. I love how the paper cut over the old cheekz piece reveals the paint of that hateful individual.