Awesome new video from Above (plus a print)

Above‘s latest video is pretty sick. It’s called Reverse Psychology, and I’m still confused with what exactly is going on:


Above says:

There are two sides to every coin, and we all know two wrongs don’t make a right but somehow when it comes to filming a video in reverse then reversing it, it makes total sense? Confused? Watch the video to get a better idea. If you still don’t understand, I can only suggest to try and watch it in reverse?!

The reverse side also has a reverse side. -Japanese proverb.

And it’s also time for another print release from Above. Today 4 new prints went on sale, all screenprinted and signed by Above himself. Each print is $45, or the set of 4 arrows together is $150. They are an edition of 100 each. The prints are for sale on Above’s website.

Above Print