Interview with RJ on Inspire Collective

Thanks to Inspire at Inspire Collective for interviewing me about street art. Here’s a snippet:

“RJ, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into appreciate graffiti, street, and public art in general?”

My dad actually got me into the whole scene. He came home from work one day almost two years ago and asked me if I knew about some guys called Faile. He’d bought a print by them. Neither of us had been seriously interested in art before that, but we both fell in love with the world of street art and haven’t looked back since. Right now I’m taking a gap year before heading off to university next fall, and street art is the overarching theme for my year.

“Its always good to see another public art site out there appreciating independent artists, how did Vandalog begin?”

I started Vandalog about 1 year ago as a way to keep up to date on street art news and increase my involvement with the street art community. Because I post something every day, I always have to be on the look out for news or something interesting to write about, and when I go to gallery openings or visit another city, I can reach out to artists or blog readers and immediately I have some connections in that city who can tell me all the cool things to do. And of course, it’s a great way to help promote my friends’ projects.

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