Acclaim Magazine

About a month ago I got a very nice email from the folks at Acclaim Magazine about their latest issue (#17). My copy came in the post a few days ago. It’s the first issue I’ve read and I’m surprised I haven’t picked up Acclaim before. Actually, not that surprised, because my knowledge of “street culture” or whatever you want to call it is woefully poor but still, these guys did interview Martha Cooper and that’s usually enough to get me interested.


Acclaim is a “street lifestyle” magazine, which means toys, art, music, fashion and those sorts of things. On the art side, they’ve definitely got a soft spot for street art.

So, the art coverage: 1 page devoted to Anthony Lister where he just explains some of the objects he carries with him most days. There’s some info on Carrot Clothing, the place where ESPO made his “street art is gay” shirt. And of course interviews with Stormie Mills, Mike Revelli (Upper Playground and Juxtapoz) and others.

I think it’s a testament to Acclaim that the editor of Juxtapoz takes time to have a spot in their magazine.

Acclaim is like a few street culture magazines, but because it is based in Australia, there is a distinct Australian bent to the magazine which is kind of cool.

You can buy copies here.