New prints from Shepard and Deuce Seven

Two print releases which I’m very excited to write about today.

First up is Shepard Fairey. Evolve Devolve is an open edition poster signed by Shepard and for sale at just $35 plus shipping. After a surprising few prints that were not up to Shepard’s usually high standards (frankly, a few of them were just rubbish), the master of poster art is back with this beautiful offset piece about the environment. And making it an open edition poster is a great touch. Buy it at the OBEY Store.

Shepard Evolve

And then there is Deuce Seven. One of those artists that New Yorkers rave about but most people have probably never heard of. Falling Into The Black Hole Sun is a 25 color print, edition of 72, and only $100 each. It is classic Deuce imagery and each print even includes some hand working by Deuce Seven. You can pick this print up at Burlesque Design.


Via Feed Your Wall and Artbleat