Street Spot is up

Street Spot, which is run by the omnipresent street photographers Rebecca Fuller and Luna Park, is finally up and running!

Look, this is fantastic news, but also really bad at the same time. Because now that the Street Spot Blog is here, there is no real reason why you would have to check on any of my own posts about what is going on in the New York street scene! If you’ve followed their extensive flickr photostreams, you know that they are always consistent and on point with their documentation. This is such a tremendous problem though since you may have noticed almost every time I’ve posted new street work from the City, I cite the photo credits to these two lovely individuals. So I’m basically screwed, or I’ll just be linking the blog more often!

But in all seriousness, I am so glad that they have a site now because it will serve as THE comprehensive resource for what’s happening on the streets of New York.