Magkinetic Drawing with Aakash Nihalani… and Us


Aakash Nihalani just released a project website in which some of the shapes and motifs that he employs in his gallery and street work can be altered and transformed. He has entitled this piece Magkinetic Drawings, and here is the explanation provided:

“One of the key elements of my physical street-level art is that it engages the viewer, making them more than just a viewer but rather an active agent in the artwork itself. The photo documentation of my work shows how the installations transform with each individual’s reaction and interaction with them, so it’s not just one piece of art but infinite. In an effort to translate that very personal unique interaction of human and art, I have begun to explore interactive digital artwork that can be experienced via the internet, from anywhere in the world. Integrating the visual and experiential concepts present in my tape installations into this digital medium, I present Magkinetic Drawings.”

Check out the website at