TIME Magazine’s top street artists

TIME Magazine recently put out this piece about the “Top 10 guerrilla artists.”

Their choices (unranked, I would assume):

1. The Barrel Monster Guy – I for one am amazed how much publicity this guy got. Roadsworth is way cooler.

2. Basquiat – Don’t think anybody is going to argue this one

3. Mark Jenkins – Another choice who makes unexpected sculptural interventions. Way underrated.

4. Blek le Rat – Important, innovative, and cool, but certainly not the best.

5. SendAMessage.nl – These guys will spraypaint your note on the wall in Israel for $40. Wouldn’t really call them artists unless that only pays for materials.

6. Iz The Wiz – A legend. Somebody whose work should be better known. Just not the greatest graffiti writer of all time.

7. Banksy – The list couldn’t be complete without him.

8. Shepard Fairey – See my opinion on Banksy.

9. Simon Rhodia – This guy sounds awesome. He built a bunch of giant sculptures in his back yard, some over 100 feet tall.

10. Graffiti Research Lab – The geek community loves them (and I count myself among the geek community, I do write a blog after all), the press loves them, but GRL doesn’t seem to get the respect they deserve among graffiti and street artist fans.