Installation at Critica Urbana

I was a little late to do some work for the exhibit, but I got to paint a room at the wonderful Critica Urbana festival when I returned from Madrid. The building that the exhibit is currently being held is a remarkably inspiring squat that has been functioning as a cultural center, bar, workshop and living space. The curators and organizers of the show had one room that had no installations so I decided that I would try to do something in the small bathroom.

Since I had a flight in the morning the next day I started painting at around 10pm and was able to finish at around 7am in time to take a shower and meet up with my dad to visit the Prada museum before going to the airport. The installation that I painted decided itself as the work proceeded in an improvisational  fashion since I really didn’t know what I was going to do with the space.

The piece ended up being a warped version of the bear image that I have been working with as of late. It wrapped around three walls, the ceiling and the floor and emanated from a small seat in the opposite corner of the room facing the viewer. The image was abstracted until one sat in the corner and received the proper perspective. A drawing above the sink with the knife and pencil inside its basin, provided a reference of the image when entering the room.

the room prior to the installation

The final product from the seat in the corner of the room.

Thank you to the wonderfully kind and generous people at Critica Urbana. I’m so appreciative of their  being down for the last minute arrangements. It was pretty down and dirty