Charming Baker news

The official video for Charming Baker‘s recent show “The Meaning of Everything” has just been released. Normally I’m not one for videos of shows when I could just look at photos that are a higher quality, but kind of like the soundtrack to this video, so I’m posting it.

Charming Baker is one of those few artists who can transition seamlessly from “urban art” to “contemporary art,” in fact, sometimes I don’t quite understand why he is considered an urban artist (then I remember that he has, on occassion, taken guns and shot his paintings). So while his last show was on Redchurch Street and clearly had a bit of an urban art spin to it, this latest project puts Baker up alongside some of the greats in the wider contemporary art scene. The Blank Canvas Project is a charity art project involving artists like Charming Baker, Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, the Chapman Brothers, and Tracy Emin. Each artist creates a tent, and they will be displayed at The Bill Chill Festival to raise money for The Big Issue and Amnesty International.