A Sequence of Events

Thursday was the extremely crowded opening of Nick Walker’s latest show at Black Rat Press, “A Sequence of Events.” People were queued for 13 hours just to buy a print. Just the usual sort of reception that Walker receives. The show was done in conjunction with the release of Walker’s book.

Walker Butterfly

Because all the work was only in one or two colors, prices were lower than usual. Also, the size of the work was generally smaller than Nick’s trademark pieces in the past. This means that prices were lower than usual and fans who might only be able to afford a print might to able to afford an original.

My personal favorite
My favorite piece

Nick Walker

There aren’t any new images in this show, so I doubt anybody who didn’t like Nick in the past will be convinced to buy his work all of a sudden, but if you like Nick Walker, this show provides a solid overview of all his most popular images.

Photos by unusualimage