Daily Mail Desperation

The Daily Mail seems to be grasping at straws with this latest attempt to discover Banksy’s identity. In an article from yesterday’s edition, The Daily Mail tried to once again prove they were correct last year when they announced Banksy’s identity is “Robin Gunningham” by saying that a recent stencil may be a self-portrait by Banksy.

Not Banksy

As the photographer, unusualimage, notes in the title of his photo though, this stencil was almost certainly not done by Banksy. This rat motif has been abandoned by Banksy for a while not, and this exact stencil has been used before (with different images on the rat’s sign) by the Not Banksy group. So who know, maybe the Daily Mail got it right when they identified Banksy, but this definitely isn’t the “self-portrait” they claim it could be.

Photo by unusualimage