An Assortment of Links

I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, and though I’m still on vacation, I’m trying to get caught up on the news of the street art world. Here are a few of the things I’ve been looking at:

  • The Carmichael Gallery has some cool exhibitions on right now and the work is now online:
    – Boxi, one of stencil art’s greatest talents, has a solo show titled “Grey Area
    – Zeus and the Neo-Cons (PosterBoy, Aakash Nihilani, and Ellis G.) in their surprise show “Hollowood.” Yes, PosterBoy is selling prints here, but they are unsigned. I’m really liking Aakash’s prints, Zeus’ installation, the PosterBoy prints if you’re not in it for investment (good for you), and the Ellis G. work on linen.
  • “Justice” is in Bristol with C215, Bruno Leyval, Dan23, Least Wanted, and MC1984. Great use of an old police station. Arrested Motion has images.
  • David Choe’s work is looking great in Beijing. As always, Arrested Motion has images.
  • Aiko has a show, Love Monster, opening next Saturday at Joshua Liner Gallery. I’ll be there.
  • ABOVE‘s latest street piece is the “Easter AIG Hunt.” Keep an eye out for his upcoming print release which looks like his best in a while.
  • Five Pointz, the graffiti mecca in New York City, has been temporarily closed after a stairway collapsed. A woman was on the staircase at the time. She fell 100 feet and survived, but was injured.
  • Delete08’s show at Shunt has been painted and it looks great. He’s got some really cool artists working down there.
  • ESPO has answered 20 questions for Juxtapoz
  • Street Art Dealer is a new concept meant to avoid the gallery system. Participating artists (such as Dotmasters and Graffiti Research Labs) tag their street work with a QR code, and by photographing the code, people can buy a piece they see on the street. So is this an innovation that will take galleries out of the art selling equation, or the logical conclusion of street art becoming nothing more than advertising for print releases?
  • The Chinese contemporary art market bubble seems to have burst. Luckily it wasn’t this bad in the world of street art. Maybe it is time for street art to move in to fill the hole in the market that may be left by the Chinese market (though hopefully we won’t create the same bubble). Phillips de Pury is selling a good number of street art works in their April Saturday sale in New York City by artists such as Keith Haring, Barry McGee, KAWS, and Date Farmers.