Matt Small @ Black Rat Preview Pics

Matt Small’s solo show, “Youngstarrs,” opens at Black Rat Press next Thursday. I’ve just been sent some preview pics of the show from Matt’s studio. This show is really shaping up to be something special. Personally, I think Matt’s portraits are some of the most powerful being made today.

I’ve seen a couple of the pieces from “Youngstarrs” and they have impressed me to no end. I would show you a blury photo I took with my iPhone, but seems to have lost the image. Oh well, these preview images are better quality anyway.

Matt Small Studio

Matt Small

Matt Painting

Matt Small

Matt Small

The cool thing about the above painting is that it is done (I believe) on concrete. The end result is probably my favorite style of work that Matt has ever done.

So remember, “Youngstarrs” opens next Thursday at Black Rat Press.

Photos by Ian Cox