TOX09 Screenprints

Tox, one of London’s best known writers, is actually releasing a screenprint. For years, Tox has written his tag along with the current year throughout London. He’s so notorious that he’s even made it into an exhibit at the transport museum and this Banksy canvas.

Tox Tags

So this screenprint of TOX09 is an edition of 75, which can be bought at Souled-Out Studios for £75. Although Tox is a piece of London history, I’m not paying £75 for a screenprint of his tag. Of course, the speculation is the entire thing is just a joke, and I love to laugh at myself, but not to the tune of £75. If Tox wants to send me a free one though, I promise I’ll frame it and hang it in my room…

tox09 print

What do you think of Tox and his screenprint? Is it all fun and games? Are these going to be selling at Bonhams in 6 months? Are the people buying it just stupid?

Photo from jovike