Breaking: Posterboy Arrested by Undercover Cop

Photo by Posterboy NYC
Photo by Posterboy

From The Gothamist:

Last night before a benefit he was scheduled to participate in at a loft in Soho, the street artist known as Poster Boy was arrested by an undercover cop. Poster Boy was listed on a flyer for the event, a festival put on for Friends We Love, a series of videos documenting the process of a dozen different artists, including Poster Boy, who talked with us just last week.

Photographer Jim Kiernan
tipped us off to the arrest. He arrived at event at Broadway and Howard Street to meet up with Poster Boy around 7 p.m., but police had already arrived after spotting the Poster Boy’s name on the flyer. Kiernan says, “There was an undercover cop on the block and they came and picked him up. As far as I know, he’s still in Central Booking right now and waiting to get in front of a judge…It’s the second time they’ve gotten him.”

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Photo from Posterboy