New Mike Marcus Photo

Exciting news from Mike Marcus. I think the progression of moving more of his photography to the street is a real positive.

tMike Marcus Exogamy 2

Street artist and photographer Mike Marcus will release the first print from his new ‘Exogamy #2’ series on February the 12th 2009.

The image features a triptych of intersexual hybrid figures, each a digital “genetic” synthesis of the artist’s own self-portrait with that of a woman who he encountered in his daily life. In this case, he met each of the donor females via a different Internet social network.

There will be an accompanying release of 33 unique large format public works; one placed in each of the London boroughs. This is indicative of a new creative direction for Marcus, marrying his ‘street art’ and ‘fine art photography’ careers into one unified practice.

The edition consists of 85 20×16 inch silver gelatin photographs on 300gsm fiber based semigloss paper, individually hand printed by the artist in the darkroom from a digital internegative. Each print is hand finished to archival standards, signed and numbered verso and expected to last for over 150 years.