Two Minute Tour: Shoreditch Street Art

I went on a street art walk through Shoreditch today with, which is an campaign for the new Ford KA. The website isn’t really about the KA though, it’s meant to be about how you can discover new things by just opening your eyes and looking around. While I’m not the biggest fan of car companies co-oping street art because it’s “hip” and “cool”, the website does have a few cool bits.

First, they’ve put together a great video of Shoreditch graffiti:

Second, remember Space Invader’s QR codes? Well Ford’s made some really sick ones for this campaign that they’ve been sticking around Shoreditch. Once again, we have the question of is it okay to think something that Ford is doing is cool, but I think you’ll agree, these are, at the very least, cool technology. Besides, maybe some street artists will pick up on this idea… Check out the video of Ford’s QR codes below. I got to play with these a bit today, and I have to say, really fun.