Sickboy and The Awesome Factory

As I mentioned the other day, Sickboy has a solo show coming up called Stay Free. It opens on December 3rd at The Tramshed in Shoreditch and runs until the 10th.

Okay, so it’s a solo show by a London street artist. What’s the big deal? Well a. Sickboy doesn’t do that much gallery work, and b. the show is inspired by Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. What that means is that 1000 visitors to the show will be given golden keys, and the visitor with the winning key will get “inherit” the a large installation piece from the show. Essentially, one lucky visitor will be given a £20,000 piece of art.

Stay Free will have an entirely new body of work from Sickboy. There will be both prints and originals for sale and, of course, the installation piece.

Street art seems to be in a really giving mood lately. First, Adam Neate’s giveaway, now Sickboy, and on December 4th, The Street Art Awards is raffling off a bunch of pieces on record sleaves. ‘Tis the season I suppose. Can I say that before Thanksgiving?