More on Moss

Last week I posted about “moss graffiti” and how it is made. It looks like the movement’s foremost artist, Mosstika, has been making quite a splash recently. Both Beautiful Crime and Wooster Collective also have posts on Mosstika today.

Beautiful Crime points out that Mosstika is a great example of Disruptive Realism, a term coined by David Hoffer. According to Hoffer, “Disruptive Realism is an expression presented in an everyday context that disrupts peoples perceptions about different things.”

And of course, Wooster Collective’s Q&A with Mosstika is well worth reading.

Below is another photo of Mosstika’s unique work from tedina. More photos here.

Grey Cattle by Mosstika. Photo by tedina
Grey Cattle by Mosstika. Photo by tedina