More Prints Under £90

Last week I wrote about 9 prints that I had found for under £90. This isn’t going to be a regular series of posts, but I’ve found a couple of new prints under £90 that I thought I should share.

1. George by Prefab
Edition of 50
56 x 68.5 cm

I lived in St. John’s Wood for a while, where they have a sculpture of George and the Dragon, so maybe that’s why I’ve always loved this print. I just think it’s a great image.

2. Streetopoly by Zeus (paper version)
Edition of 200
50 x 50 cm

This print proves that Zeus knows how to make the art world laugh.

Dripping Owl #11
Dripping Owl #11

3. Dripping Owl by DSCREET (numbers 5, 9, and 11)
Edition of about 40
56 x 76 cm

This series of individualized prints by DSCREET starts at £90, with 3 of the more simple prints, and works its way up from there. They look nice, but I’d just pay the extra £20 or so to get a more interesting one.

4. Deer-e-me by Eelus
Edition of 200
50 x 70 cm

With an edition size this high, its really a print for the fans and not for flippers. I’ve got mixed opinions on Eelus’ work, but I do like this print. The deer is really well done.

Winter in America 1
Winter in America 1

5. Winter in America by Chris Stain
Edition of 100
30 x 30 cm
About £63 ($100)

This two part series by Chris Stain is fantastic. Personally, I prefer Winter in America 2, but they are both good prints. Like Blek le Rat, Stain really cares about the problem of homelessness, and these prints have been a great way to raise awareness of the issue.

Winter in America 2
Winter in America 2

6. LV Child Sculpture by Beejoir
Edition of 500
13 x 7 cm

Not knowing that these were for charity, I was actually given one of these by TLSG. I’m not going to rehash the whole TLSG story here, but as soon as I found out that these were for charity, I made a donation to The Mercy Centre. These are great little sculptures, and the money goes to a great cause. Thanks to UK Street Art for the heads up on these, and to FUSShop for selling them.

RCA Secret 2008

From their website:

Your opportunity to view an extraordinarily diverse snapshot of art today, and to start your own collection affordably. You may need to study hard though, because the SECRET remains – the author of each work will not be revealed until after the cards are purchased.

Last year Paula Rego, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst were among the artists who made original postcard-sized art for this unique exhibition. It also included the work of some of this year’s RCA prizewinning graduates: Bruce Ingram – winner of the Merlin Studios Award; Ocean Mims – winner of the Conran Award; Ruth Murray – winner of the Sheldon Bergh Award; and Thomas Haywood – winner of The Photographers’ Gallery Award.

This is a great idea. For just £40, you can get a great piece of art, but the purchases are based purely on the quality of work, not the artist’s name behind it all.