Adam Neate Bonanza

If you’ve always wanted your own Adam Neate, but couldn’t come up with £40,000, you’re in luck. The Independent has a huge writeup on him today, and according to them, this coming Friday, Neate will be putting 1000 pieces on the street. I’ll be out of town, which is killing me, but for those lucky collectors in London this weekend, a quick reaction time is all that will be needed to snatch up a fantastic work of art.

Perhaps “Street Art Action,” as the endeavor is being called, is a bit of a publicity stunt compared to Neate’s previous random sprees of dropping art wherever he wanted, but who cares? By giving out 1000 pieces in one day, Neate will not only decrease the resale value of all the street pieces being sold at auction, he’s making sure that all his fans know when to go looking for their own cardboard treasure. I just hope that nobody goes around following his assistants and taking every piece for himself.

So if Friday is the when, where will the pieces be distributed?

The Independent writes that the pieces will be put all over London. Some will be at famous landmarks, and some will be in random places around Hackney and elsewhere. I think there are a couple of likely places though.

1. Brick Lane. Neate has put pieces here before, and the article mentions Hackney.

2. Lambeth. Again, The Independent mentions Lambeth. Perhaps one last trip to Faile’s show in Lambeth is in order…

3. Elms Lesters. Neate’s London gallery seems like a good place to put some work.

4. The National Gallery. Will Neate repeat C215’s stunt of painting right outside the National Gallery by putting his own work outside? Maybe they’ll pick it up and put it on display…

5. The one place you would never imagine. He’s got 1000 pieces to give away. He’s going to get creative. Maybe he’ll rent a pickup truck and drive through the city, tossing paintings to anyone who asks.

6. St. Louis. Well, probably not. I’m just bummed that I’ll be on another continent while this happens.