Gee Vaucher Print @ POW

Gee Vaucher released a new print at Pictures on Walls today. Sold out less than an hour after they sent our an email announcing the release.

Vital stats:

Title: Great Scott

Edition size: 200

Price: £175

Size: 54 x 66cm

Colors: 9

Sale Status: SOLD OUT

Gee Vaucher - Great Scott
Great Scott - Gee Vaucher

At first, I didn’t get this image, but upon closer inspection, I love it. Sure it isn’t the absolute most original idea ever, but it is well executed and very subtle. Also, it’s just a great screenprint. Reminds me a bit of Peter Kennard’s “Haywain with Cruise Missiles”, as well as Agent Provocateur’s Biggles character.

Biggles in Grey Clouds
Biggles in Grey Clouds - Agent Provocateur