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Okay Christmas and new years are over. Let’s get back to real life.

Photo by Jake Dobkin

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Outside In Magazine

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Outside In Magazine. Picture by Oi.

Following in the footsteps of the fantastic VNA Magazine, comes Outside In, the product of an up and coming design graduate from Winchester University.  Documenting street art, design and illustration, this non commercial art magazine is debuting today, Friday 17th, at 3pm British Summer Time!

Running as an edition of 155, with 55 special edition copies, the magazine boasts illustrative duo Static as its feature artist.  Adding interviews and features with Miss Bugs, Lifestyles of the Poor & Unknown, Remi Rough, Dale ‘vn’ Marshall, Slinkachu and Ben Slow, I’m sure you will agree that for just £6* you can’t go wrong!

*Standard edition price… Or for all you big spenders, the two special box set deals offer you signed photos and hand finished prints by Static.

Check it out on the Oi website here.  Personally I’m quite looking forward to seeing what Remi has to say and reading the feature on Slink.

Picture by Oi Magazine

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Slinkachu Video Interview

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Even though this behind the scene video with Slinkachu was made a little while ago, I thought it might be a nice little compliment to his current show, Concrete Ocean, currently on at Andipa. Opening was a few weeks ago, here also are some pictures that Patrick Nguyen covered for Arrested Motion.



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Slinkachu Does His Laundry

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Well you can’t say Slinkachu isn’t creative. I really think he’s one of the most interesting street artists out there these days. This piece is one of five he has worked on in the past two days since arriving at FAME Fest.



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Slinkachu @ Andipa

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I haven’t been down to see this show in person yet, but it’s definitely on the top of my list. Slinkachu has a solo show at Andipa Modern. Slinkachu does interesting installations of tiny little people on the street and then photographs them. These could easily turn into really tacky and watered down street art, but I think Slinkachu actually does a pretty good job avoiding that. Here’s a few samples from the show. These photos of Slinkachu’s photos are from s.butterfly. The theme of the show is superheroes.





More photos here

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Slinkachu Solo @ Andipa

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Who doesn’t like Slinkachu? He’s not the only one doing his style of street art, but I think he’s probably the best. June 4th is the opening of his latest show show at The Andipa Gallery in London.


Via Hooked

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