Sickboy solo show coming up in Lisbon

UPDATE: Sounds like the above image may also have something to do with an issue of Very Nearly Almost coming out in the next two weeks…

Sickboy has a solo show coming up on February 3rd at the Montana Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal with Yellow Pants Gallery. Yellow Pants are new, but their last show looked pretty cool and had a very strong line up, so I’m expecting big things from them, and this Sickboy show might just be one of those big things. Sickboy is a UK-based street artist and graffiti writer and I’ve really enjoy his work indoors and outdoors for the last couple of years. He also really knows how to do a show right. He had a show in Bristol that was only open for 3 hours and one in London that completely transformed a giant space. Who knows what he’ll get up to in Lisbon… Here’s the flyer:

Photos by Viktor Vauthier

Random link-o-rama

Sure and Faust. Photo by euniyah

I’ve been out of the loop and stuck in libraries lately (and then in Miami for the weekend), and that’s led to me miss posting about a lot of things. I’ve got some catching up to do, so here’s the start of that:

Photo by euniyah