The Urban Artist in Hamburg

From June 9th-14, the guys at Circleculture Gallery will put on a traveling exhibit starting in Hamburg entitled The Urban Artist. Featuring works by American and European artists, the show will highlight the stylings of contemporary urban artists bringing their art indoors today. The line-up includes: Jaybo Monk, Aaron Rose, Christian Awe, Anton Unai, XOOOOX, Stefan Strumbel, Kelsey Brookes, Marco “pho” Grassi, Marcel Walldorf, Various & Gould, Hellie Mardhal, Jonathan Yeo, Kevin Earl Taylor and Katrin Fridriks. A good mix of street and fine artists, the show puts together names that haven’t really been shown together before, which is an interesting twist.

Jaybo Monk

Escape 2010: more street art in Vienna

Stefan Strumbel. Photo by Oliver Rath

Before Vienna has a chance to recover from the general awesomeness of the BLK River Festival, another art exhibition with some international urban artists will be taking place in the city. Escape 2010 will be an indoor exhibition taking place from October 1st-24th in Vienna. Xoooox, Stefan Strumbel, Faith47 and a number of other urban artists will be taking part in the show.


Photos courtesy of Escape 2010