The Wall: London’s most public art gallery

Steve Powers, Malarky, Word to Mother, Dabs and Myla, and Best Ever exhibit on The Wall.

Little over a week ago I was watching Word to Mother painting his outdoor piece for Moniker Art Fair. Allocated one of the 3 by 4 metre recesses he took to the piece with gusto. Layer after layer of tag and dub was laid down and a day later, a final coat of white was rollered onto the wall.

Appropriately dubbed, “The Wall”, the expanse of brick along Great Eastern Street has played host to a variety of artists, both local and international. Dabs & Myla, Best Ever and Malarky followed Word to Mother, but I could also name drop Steve Powers, Herakut, Nychos, SheOne, Shep Fairey and Know Hope among others. However soon after an artist completes a piece it is buffed or covered by another artist, pretty much like any wall I suppose.

But Village Underground hope this will all change following a Kickstarter fundraising project. Their aim is to raise enough funds to design, build and install bullet proof metal and glass frames over the recesses to protect the art work from theft and vandalism. In essence this will allow for artists to produce work in a variety of methods and on a mix of mediums. And with the addition of a digital wall and 10 million passing cars a year, “The Wall” will become London’s most public art gallery.

In a way I feel its a bit of a shame that the wall will be covered, but I’m sure you will agree that the project will certainly be interesting. Plus Village Underground, despite indicating that the artists will now obviously be able to sell their work, maintain they are working on a not-for-profit basis. It’s good to see that this project isn’t just about making money for them then!

For more info, including a nice little video, and to donate head here.

Photo by AdversMedia

Word to Mother’s “Essence Of Adolescence”

Photo by S.Butterfly

Word to Mother’s show Essence of Adolescence opened last week at Stolenspace in London. S.Butterfly and Paul Nine-O took some photos. Here are some of my favorites, and they each larger sets on flickr.

Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by S.Butterfly
Photo by Paul Nine-O
Photo by Paul Nine-O
Photo by Paul Nine-O

Photos by S.Butterfly and Paul Nine-O

Next week: Stolenspace’s summer group show


Stolenspace Gallery‘s summer group show opens next week, on July 7th. All the work in this show, prints and originals, will be new. The artist lineup includes D*face, Dan Witz, Eine, Miss Van, Ripo, San, Shepard Fairey, Word To Mother and a number of others. Check out the full artist list on Stolenspace’s website. Here’s a great little piece from Dan Witz that will be there:

Dan Witz

The show runs from the 7th of July (opening from 6-9pm) through July 31st.

Photos courtesy of Stolenspace Gallery

Word To Mother among Featured Artists @ Mallick Williams & Co.

I discovered (and instantly fell in love with) Word To Mother when I was in London this past fall. I’m looking forward to Mallick Williams & Co.‘s upcoming Spectrum, a group show opening this Thursday, April 21, and continuing through June 3rd, 2011. Along with Word To Mother, featured artists include: Kiji McCafferty, Chor Boogie, Erik Otto,  Kate Pane and Lu Gold. The gallery — that recently featured the amazing Hueless exhibit — is located at 150 11th Avenue in Chelsea.

Image courtesy of Mallick Williams & Co.

Weekend link-o-rama

BEST EVER X Deadleg in London

It’s been a crazy week in London. Moniker and all that. But here’s what has been going on with street art elsewhere:

Photo by unusualimage

Word To Mother solo show coming soon to StolenSpace

Word To Mother, an artist I enjoy as much for his tags and pieces as his completely different indoor work, has a solo show opening in a few weeks at StolenSpace Gallery in London. StolenSpace actually has a show opening this week about posters that have been in Don’t Panic packs, but WTM’s show is much more interesting to me, so I’m posting about that even though it’s not the next show at the gallery.

WTM’s Blind By Stardom opens on October 7th and runs through the 24th (so I’ll unfortunately miss the opening, but be back in town to at least see the show – more on my upcoming trip back to London soon). This will be his 4th solo show at StolenSpace, with the previous shows being very warmly received. I’d say it’s common for “street art fans” and “street art collectors” to have very different ideas of what is good, but Word To Mother seems to be one that everyone agrees about. Work at his shows sells quickly and the regular Thursday-night crowd are at the gallery for the art, not just the free beer.

I vaguely remember Word To Mother saying something to me last year at FAME Festival about how he was going to be changing things up for his next solo show. While I enjoy WTM’s work, I must admit that I kind of brushed this comment aside as the typical artist plugging himself and feigning growth, but clearly I was wrong. From what I’ve seen so far, these paintings are a step forward for Word To Mother both in style and content.

The themes behind Blind By Stardom are meant to be celebrity culture and how people consume media. This is definitely something that a lot of artists deal with, but WTM doesn’t seem to be as annoying about it as so many Banksy-wannabes (and even sometimes masters like Ron English) are. I’m looking at these paintings and getting the message, but I don’t feel like I’m beaten over the head with it.

This is one show not to miss, so make sure to stop by Stolenspace between October 7th and 24th.

Blind By Stardom opens October 7th from 6-9pm.

Photos courtesy of Stolenspace Gallery

New Fame Fest pieces from Word To Mother and Lucy Mclauchlan

As Fame Festival get closer, more and more work is popping up in Grottaglie. The latest are Wordtomother‘s walls and the making of an indoor piece for the gallery exhibit, as well as some pretty intricate black and white outdoor jobs by Lucy Mclauchlan. I cannot wait to see the work created for the gallery by the artists. Less than two months away guys!

Wordtomother installation piece
Lucy Mclauchlan
Lucy Mclauchlan

All images by Fame Festival

New from Word To Mother and Sickboy

A big thanks to Hooked for catching this one first. Not much of a surprise though: Word To Mother and Sickboy’s latest wall looks great.

I always love to see Word To Mother’s graffiti. Such a contrast from his gallery work (which I still tend to like).

For more like this, definitely check out the pieces that Word To Mother painted recently with Nylon.

Photos by Hooked