Vertigem: Os Gêmeos in Brasilia

I have no idea why there’s been no noise anywhere about the Brasilia installment of the Vertigem show so far – everything Gustavo and Otávio do is amazing and should be promoted as widely as possible. I’ve been eagerly awaiting pictures to post since February and by the time the show opened on March 2nd, I was busy in New York prepping for our Re-Creation II show. But enough excuses: here are some pictures now, plus two short videos of the twins working on their installation.

The show is up through May 16th if you’re passing through. Let me know if you’ve been and what your thoughts are if so – I’m sure it looks great, but I’m not getting a sense from the images I’ve seen so far of how it compares to the Rio and Sao Paulo shows.

– Elisa

First image by Paulo Vergolino, others by Pablo França, who has a few more pics here.