Photos from Venice

It is 2am right now in Venice, so I’ll leave the text describing all of this for another day, but here are my photos from the trip. A few of the photos are of work from Shepard Fairey, 2 are of a random stencil I found, a few are of the band Dark Dark Dark performing, and the rest are of The Swimming Cities of Serenissima.

Swoon Sails Adriatic in May

Photo by shoehorn99
Photo by shoehorn99

Looks about time for a weekend trip to Venice.

From The Art Collectors Blog:

Swoon is in the planning and fundraising stages for her next ambitious aquatic art project. Building upon Miss Rockaway Armad and Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, the next installment of the artist’s floating armada is taking shape and is set to launch in May of 2009.  Comprised of a fleet of three new handmade vessels, The Swimming Cities of Serenissima will hit European waters and navigate the Adriatic Sea, Beginning in the Karst region of Slovenia, the ships will make their way to the final destination of Venice, Italy, stopping along the way to entertain audiences. Once again, Swoon will be joined by a crew of collaborators, including playwright Lisa D’Amour, puppeteer Robin Frohart and the band Dark Dark Dark.

If you’re not familiar with Swoon’s boat projects, this video, teaser footage from a film shot during her last trip, may help you understand the project, or it may confuse you even more. Either way, FLOOD looks like it is going to be a pretty cool film.

For more information on the trip and the upcoming fundraisers in New York and New Orleans, check out the project website.