Empowering images by Hyuro in Valencia

Exquisite placement of these pieces by Hyuro in Valencia. Though it is up to interpretation, to me these murals represent women attempting to break free from their roles as “homemaker”, “cook”, “laundry-doer”, etc. The content is great. This is probably one of the last groups I would imagine getting represented on the street.

Photos by Hyuro

Stinkfish and Bastardilla in Valencia


Colombian artists, Stinkfish and Bastardilla, have made their way to Valencia, Spain amidst their European tours. Kicking off the journey, new murals have appeared from the two for the Poliniza 2012 Urban Art Festival. They will continue to paint around Europe and Stinkfish will conclude his European travels in London. Here’s Stinkfish’s piece in Valencia. Street Art News has photos of Bastardilla’s wall.

Photos by Stinkfish