Upcoming print from Hush


Still more than a month to go before Hush’s London solo show Innocence at Urban Angel, but already the images are leaking out. Here’s one of the prints:

hush print

Shows this week

I’ve got a few shows opening this week to highlight, most of them in London, one in Brazil.


Let’s start in Brazil. Sixeart has his first solo show in Brazil opening on Tuesday the 11th.


Sixeart “Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas”

In 2008 the Spanish artist Sixeart achieved international fame by participating in “STREET ART AT THE TATE MODERN” in London, along with brazilian Os Gemeos, and Nunca,  french JR, united states Faile and italian Blu. Today his works are shown in Spain alongside those of Miró, Chillida and Tapies.

“Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas” is series of 13 new pieces on paper made exclusively to be exhibited in ROJO®artspace Sao Paulo from 11.08.2009 to  05.09.2009.

ROJO®artspace Sao Paulo
POP. Rua Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto 297,

Pinheiros. 05415-030 Sao Paulo. Brazil
talk: +55 11 3487 1677 online: http://www.rojo-saopaulo.com

And now back to London.

My Thursday evening starts off with a stop over at Lazarides‘ Rathbone Place gallery for Invader show ‘Low Fidelity’. There should be everything we’ve come to expect from the Parisian globe trotter: mosiac video game characters, rubix cubes, QR codes and even sculpture. Personally, I’ve always preferred the thrill of discovering an Invader on the street to seeing it in my home, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying one in the past. I’m curious, though not enthusiastic, about what this show will bring. Plus, everybody knows that Lazarides throws great opening parties.

Then it’s off to Pure Evil’s gallery for his solo show which mixes art and music.

Pure Evil

And then maybe a stop over at Urban Angel for “The Sentiment of Love,” a show of erotic photography.

Friday night I hope to be back in Shoreditch for the launch of London Handstyles at Rarekind Gallery. Another London graffiti book.

Urban Angel – The Show Must Go On

Yesterday I had the chance to see Urban Angel’s latest group show, The Show Must Go On.

There are a bunch of artists involved in the show, but I’ve just picked a few high (and low) lights to cover here.

As usual, Best Ever is coming out with even better work. These guys have continued to develop their style into something distinctive and just plain cool to look at.

Best Ever
Best Ever

Also some cool work from Remi. Just when I think I’m going to get tired of his stuff, he paints something to get me interested again. The sketch in particular caught my eye.

Remi Sketch

Ok and now for that lowlight (is that a word?) I mentioned. Mantis. Mantis has done some work that I like. His work at Hackney Wick is not to be missed and I’m sure that if this stencil had been by Banksy, it would be worth a couple hundred grand. But his latest piece by Old Street just doesn’t cut it for me. I get the message, but it’s about 10 months too late and not that great to begin with. And why does he have to turn that image into a print release and an original work after being on the street for less than a month?


Surely, the message is now completely gone. The way I saw this piece on the street, it is about how people paid absurd amounts of money for Banksy’s work, which is often meant to make a poltical statement about poverty, when instead they could spend that money actually helping some starving African kids. And now I’m expected to buy that image from Mantis. No thank you.

So as to not end on such a sour note, let me say that there is also new work from Mikael Alacoque in the show, and though I could never have one of those dogs in my house all the time, they sure are fun to go and have a look at.

Photos by WallKandy

2000 and Down at The Art Lounge

Urban Angel/The Art Lounge have their latest show opening this Saturday, and the concept might seem a bit counter intuative to most art gallery visitors and owners. This show, 2000 and Down, only has work for sale at £2000 or less.

2000 and Down

Some of my favorite up and coming artists are in this show including Klone and Best Ever. With those two especially, I’ve seen some great street work, but I’ve never seen a canvas in person from either of them, so I’m looking forward to it.

In addition, there will be a few print releases, including Sanguine 1 and Sanguine 2 by Part2ism (from his last show at the gallery). Those will be editions of 15 at £150 each (including the Artillery for Pleasure book).

Sanguine1 by Part2ism
Sanguine 1 by Part2ism

Hopefully I’ll see you there on Saturday.

My Plans for Thursday

This Thursday is going to be, as it always seems to be, a very busy night for me. I’ll be visiting up to 4 galleries with a traveling brigade of my artsy friends. Here’s the plan:

1. Start at White Cube Hoxton Square for the Marcus Harvey exhibit “White Riot” for the portrait of Thatcher made out of sex toys and the bust of Churchill with a mohawk. Get there around closing time so that we can be unceremoniously tossed out at 6pm.

2. Next it’s off to Stella Dore for the Pam Glew show “Noir”. I’m not yet sold on her work, but I’m definitely open to seeing what she’s doing and the painting pictured on the advert they gave me is pretty sweet.

3. Perhaps the most surprising show of the evening will be at the Pure Evil Gallery. Panik, a member of London’s ATG crew, will be trying his hand a gallery work. I give this a 75% chance of not working out but just being a fun experience. It seems like graffiti artists usually can’t make that jump to the gallery. Panik’s work is awesome on the street, but the gallery is a completely different world. If it works though, as I’m hoping it will, it should be great.


4. And to cap off the evening, Part2ism has his show at The Art Lounge.


Urban Angel’s 2

Urban Angel Two Show Flyer

This December, Urban Angel will be having their second show in a physical space (their new gallery to be precise). “2” is going to to to have 11 artists, including two of Campbarbossa’s artists (Case and Holly Thoburn). I’m looking forward to seeing Urban Angel’s new gallery, the idea of an art lounge sounds great. I spent some time helping out at the Corked Show this summer, which was by all accounts a huge success. Hopefully “2” is just as good.