New Works by CRASH Pay Homage to Time on the Subways @ NYC’s TT Underground

Over 30 years ago, Crash’s visual rhythms were riding the subways of New York City.  These early images have remained a consistent source of inspiration to the artist, as well as to the next generation of writers.  Through Friday March 11th Crash’s new art paying homage to his time on the trains can be seen at TT Underground in Manhattan’s East Village.  My favorites are the ones the legendary Crash – born John Matos — has fashioned on aluminum pieces constructed by his friend, Metal Man Ed.  Here’s a sampling:

And here he is back in 1980:

And, more recently, on the streets of the South Bronx:

Gallery images by John Matos & Lois Stavsky; outdoor images, courtesy John Matos

TT Underground Presents New Works by GHOST

Originally focused on bombing trains back in the late 80’s, GHOST has developed into a first-rate painter. I love his spirited work on exhibit through Sunday at TT Underground (91 Second Ave. in the East Village): its zany characters, brilliant colors and synthesis of styles. Here’s a sampling:

For a historical perspective on the graffiti of GHOST’s era and GHOST’s personal and artistic evolution, Ket’s book GHOST RIS CREW (published by From Here to Fame) is worth a read.

Photos by Lois Stavsky