NoseGo painting live this Friday

NoseGo, one of Philadelphia’s best-loved and most-talented muralists, will be doing some live painting in Philadelphia this Thursday FRIDAY on at The Shaft, an open air gallery space on Broad Street.

The exhibit is part of a curatorial practice program being taught to UArts MFA students by Maiza Hixson and Lauren Ruth.

If you search around the internet, you may notice that Artists 4 Israel (a controversial organization) had been advertising this exhibit and saying that they are involved in it. This is no longer the case. Based on the group’s Facebook page, it appears that they are interpreting this situation as being “banned in Philly” and “censorship,” but I’m pretty sure that a gallery/curators deciding to part ways with an organization is not the same as censorship of that organization (although, ironically, I did have to Photoshop the Artists 4 Israel logo out of the above flyer). Personally, I would not work with a Tea Party-affiliated organization on an exhibit, but I’m not trying to censor tea partiers. Anyway…

Let’s all have a good time seeing NoseGo paint some cool stuff on Thursday FRIDAY!