GO! STICKER at Wynwood Walls’ The GO! Shop


Z from Bomit has curated GO! STICKER, a show of sticker art by about 100 artists. The show opens later this month at The GO! Shop, a part of Wynwood Walls in Miami. At least by number of artists, the show is quite massive and maybe “organized” is a better word to describe Z’s role that “curated,” but it will include work by some world-class sticker artists like Os Gemeos, Invader, Skullphone, Pez, D*face, Baser, Aiko, Ader, and Shepard Fairey.

Stickers occupy a strange space in the graffiti and street art communities. For some, stickers are an essential part of their practice, maybe even the primary piece of it, but other reject stickers entirely and look down on them. Some spend time working on unique handmade stickers that act as markers of where they have been. Others print up tens of thousands of stickers with the same design and distribute them to fans worldwide. The fanbase for stickers also seems to be oddly separate from the fanbase for most street art and graffiti, kind of like the men and women who obsess over freight train graffiti. All of which is to say that I’m very glad Z has put this show together, but I’m also very curious and unsure of what the response will be. Sticker art is important and deserves to be highlighted, and Z is one of the best possible choices to put together such a show, so I hope he succeeds at making stickers appeal to more than just us sticker-heads.

GO! STICKER opens February 13th from 6-10pm and runs through February 28th at The GO! Shop in Wynwood, Miami.