Copyright at The Art Lounge


Copyright’s first big London solo show, Never Forever, opens in about two weeks (September 17th) at The Art Lounge. I’ve always been a fan of Copyright’s work at the first (or was it 2nd) Cans Festival as well as his trademark rose stencils, so I’m definitely interested to see what he’s got in store for this show.

2000 and Down at The Art Lounge

Urban Angel/The Art Lounge have their latest show opening this Saturday, and the concept might seem a bit counter intuative to most art gallery visitors and owners. This show, 2000 and Down, only has work for sale at £2000 or less.

2000 and Down

Some of my favorite up and coming artists are in this show including Klone and Best Ever. With those two especially, I’ve seen some great street work, but I’ve never seen a canvas in person from either of them, so I’m looking forward to it.

In addition, there will be a few print releases, including Sanguine 1 and Sanguine 2 by Part2ism (from his last show at the gallery). Those will be editions of 15 at £150 each (including the Artillery for Pleasure book).

Sanguine1 by Part2ism
Sanguine 1 by Part2ism

Hopefully I’ll see you there on Saturday.

Last Night’s Openings

Last night my friends and I made it to four gallery openings.

Pam Glew Flag

We started at Pam Glew‘s show at Stella Dore. There are a few pieces that are pretty cool and her bleeching technique is interesting, but I think I’ve become a bit jaded by street art. I couldn’t keep from thinking: “portraits from a one-layer stencil” And of course, those seem to be everywhere these days. My friend who doesn’t obsessively follow street art didn’t have that same bias, and really enjoyed everything. Continue reading “Last Night’s Openings”