Tehran Hosts SPRAY 2011 — a Huge Outdoor Street Art/Graffiti Event

Alone (aka Tanha) reports from Tehran that his city recently hosted its third public street art/graffiti event. While the first two were held  in gallery spaces,  SPRAY 2011 — presented by KolahStudio and hosted by Adrenaline Extreme Sports — took place outdoors on a 70-meter wall. Alone shared the following video and photos of the successful event:

Photos and video courtesy of A1one

“Free Revok” from A1one in Tehran and more

I’m a big fan of A1one’s artwork. Although I’ve seen and exhibited it on canvas, cardboard and vinyl, I’ve yet to see it up close in a public space.  ‘hoping that A1one aka Tanha can bring his talents to the U.S. at some point!  Meanwhile,  I’m enjoying the photos he shares with me from time to time.

Free Revok, Arabic Graffiti
Arabic Graffiti
Photos, courtesy of A1one

From A1one in Tehran, Iran

Credited with having introduced street art to the Islamic world, A1one also spends many hours in his studio. I particularly love his stencils and his Persian/Arabic — styled calligraphy. Among the images he recently shared with me are these:

Photos courtesy of A1one