Agents of Change 0.3 and Remi in Santander

Remi/Rough and Jaybo have put together a two-man show in Santander called No Beginning No End. Here’s some of Remi’s work from that show. You can check out the rest of the show on Remi’s flickr.

But that’s not all Remi has been up to. Recently, he and the rest of the group Agents of Change painted a massive wall in Manchester. They made this video, but you can probably skip to 4 minutes in and just see the end result of their work:

I’ve heard people say that Agents of Change’s hands are similar to this piece that Zeus and Eine painted last year (and which Remi coincidentally painted over with the property owner’s permission as part of The Beautiful and The Canned), but Agents of Change have really crushed it in Manchester and I’m not sure if you can claim that any one person’s trademark is painting giant hands (here’s another piece with a series of hands by Run).

Photos by Remi/Rough

The Ghostvillage Project

This looks awesome…

Ghostvillage from Agents Of Change on Vimeo.

Remi says…

Curated by Agents of Change, The Ghostvillage was conceived as an antidote to a world of ever increasing safety and mediocrity. Six artists were given free reign of a never inhabited village on the west coast of Scotland – working on pristine walls Remi/Rough, Stormie, System, Timid, Derm and Juice 126 have created a gallery like no other…..and finally given the village the ghosts it deserves…..

Remi/Rough and System’s Installation Show

This tweet from Remi/Rough earlier today is now making sense. He and System have a show opening this Thursday at Nancy Victor Gallery, but its just paintings on the walls. No work for sale. I’ll be there. Will you?

Nacy Victor Gallery

Check out this wall they’ve painted there. Looks beautiful, though at least in jpeg I don’t think System can pull of random colors for a portrait as well as say Adam Neate.

Remi System Wall

Prophet Or Pro£it @ Pure Evil Gallery

Prophet or Profit

An exhibition of collaborative artworks by –
Juice 126
@ Pure Evil Gallery. 108 Leonard Street. EC2A 4RH
Juice 126 has recently shown at Nancy Victor, Mutate Britain and Jibbering Art in his hometown of Birmingham, Part2ism, has recently been showing in Black Rat Press, Mutate Britain and Kounter Kulture with a solo show at Urban Angel in March, Remi/Rough has recently shown at Urban Angel, Mutate Britain and 401 Contemporary in Berlin and also spoken at the Tate Modern.
System has shown in Strasbourg, 401 Contemporary in Berlin and has a March solo show at Galerie Nuble in Santander in March.
All artworks are one off collaborations.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see us back in action together.
For more Info contact Pure Evil Gallery –
Looks like a really good concept for a show. Remi/Rough recently did some collaborations with Grafter which turned out really well, so I’m excited to see how his style works with these other artists.

On a related note, Part2ism has done a new piece outside Urban Angel’s Art Lounge:

Photo by mermaid99
Photo by mermaid99

Photo by mermaid 99