Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post

Earlier this week, I hosted a movie night at The Wren’s Nest in Atlanta for the Living Walls Conference. Living Walls asked me to put together a list of some short films to show, and I ended up with 27. A few people have asked me to post those films online to share with friends or just to see a film that they missed while they were getting some food, so after the jump you’ll find embedded versions of all 27 films that were screened at the movie night (many of which have appeared on Vandalog before). Enjoy! Continue reading “Vandalog Movie Night as a blog post”

Sweza puts a beat on the street

Sweza is an artist who consistently thinks outside of the box with his art, showing time and time again how surprisingly small the box of street art can be. Last week, Caroline challenged anyone to top her post about Cassette Lord’s work in Brighton (technically she challenged anyone to beat her lame pun, but whatever). Earlier this year, Sweza utilized QR codes into his street art into a not-lame way, which is seems pretty difficult for most other street artists. Here’s what he did:

Sweza presents a new perspective

This new video by Sweza, Selbstbetrachtung, plays with a CCTV camera. Sweza says, “I try to give the surveillance camera a whole new view on the world, open new perspectives by giving it a vice versa view.”

Check it out:

And if you’re not quite sure how Sweza managed to get the footage from that event for his own use, this video should explain things a bit more clearly…

Sweza’s lightbox

Sweza, probably best known for his Graffyard project, recently installed one of his latest pieces with Just there to take photos. Solarlichtraum is a small wooden box with an LED backlit piece of graffiti on the inside. During the day, the solar cell on top of the box charges the LED, and when the solar cell is covered (or the sun sets), the LED turns out and you can look inside the box to see Sweza’s mini graffiti-style piece.

Solarlichtraum was installed on the streets of Berlin.

What you see when you look inside the box

Just also accompanied Sweza while installing another piece in Berlin.

Photos by Just (except the last one which is by Sweza)