Playing catch up with a few links

Here’s a few things that I could/should have done full posts about, but I’d just like to quickly cover before they become too old and get lost in my inbox.

  • Until May 30th you can get a special “early bird” rate on tickets to OFFSET2009, a 3 day conference taking place in Dublin this November. A number of street/urban/low-brow artists will be there including D*Face, Asbestos, and Brad Downey.
  • Faile put up another prayer wheel in New York. Unfortunately, @newyourpulse has just tweeted that the piece is gone. A picture below (and more here):
  • Jeff Soto has been in London. I’ve never been a fan of his work (admitted, I have only seen jpegs), which is why I didn’t cover his current show at StolenSpace Gallery, but he’s also done a couple street pieces which I like much more than his gallery work, so below is one of those. Also, here’s a recent interview with Soto for Civil Clothing.
    Jeff Soto
  • Public Ad Campaign‘s recent New York Billboard Takeover was even larger than I could have imagined. They’ve just released a Google map detailing all the work that was done. Great job guys. Looks like you took over the city (if only for a day or two).
  • And lastly, the Brooklynite Gallery‘s latest show has brought a bit of London to New York, with Sweet Toof and Cept getting up in across the pond.
    Cept Sweet Toof

Jeff Soto photo by Sabeth718, other photos by SMKjr

Sweet Toof Reflections

Eventually, once I understand the area enough myself, I’m going to do a post about all the great work in Hackney along the river. In the mean time, check out this work by Sweet Toof. By itself, a pretty average piece for him, but the reflection really completes it. By the way, I hear Sweet Toof has some work available at Black Rat Press’ print show, which opened today.

Sweet Toof Reflected

Photo by delete08

Sweet Toof in Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick seems like London’s new graffiti headquarters. Hopefully I’ll be checking it out next weekend or the week after when I’ll take plenty of photos. In the mean time, Unusualimage has found a great piece by Sweet Toof and Gold Peg in Hackney Wick, so here’s a little taste of the area.

Photo by unusualimage
Photo by unusualimage