Steve Powers sends his love (again)

More photos are popping up of Steve Powers’ recent project A Love Letter For You (as previously mentioned). Found these photos on Hurt You Bad (I love it how the graffiti blog that coined the term “art fags” is promoting people like Steve Powers just because they have a graffiti background. Imagine what they would say if Powers had a street art background and painted these same things…).

Steve Powers

steve powers

And if you want to learn more about Powers and this project, his recent interview at Art Observed is a great read.

Steve Powers

ESPO aka Steve Powers in Philly

Steve Powers is going big in Philadelphia with a project called Love Letter. The website explains it this way:

Love Letter is a project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and is sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative.  Generous support provided by the Brownstein Group and Septa.

But what that means for you and me is Steve Powers is painting a bunch of huge spots legally! Here are a few examples:

Love You

Nice Dream

I hope these are around for a while, because I’ll be going to school outside of Philadelphia next year and it would be nice to have some ESPO around town to look at.