Weekend link-o-rama

"Modern Tulipa" by Ludo
“Modern Tulipa” by Ludo

Bit of a shorter link-o-rama this week. I’ve been with my parents in Colorado, trying to get some work done on my upcoming book. The hope is that Viral Art will be released for free online in mid-June. There’s still a fair bit of work left to do though. Anyway, the links…

Photo by Ludo

New prints from Labrona

Bowed (yellow)

Labrona has been busy lately working on seven new screenprints. They are all available online now. As a fan of ridiculously affordable prints, my favorites have to be Bowed and Crossed, which each come in a red colorway and a blue colorway and are part of Brooklynite Gallery‘s Snub Nose series. That means, that not only are that beautiful, but they are super-affordable. Each of the Bowed and Crossed prints are a 6×8 inch edition of 30 available for just $25. These prints are available online here, here, here and here.

Crossed (blue)

Back home in Canada, Labrona has his Zombie Stance and Dog Man Rides Again prints at station16. Zombie Stance is 22×22 inches and an edition of 15. Dog Man Rides Again is 22×30 inches, an edition of 13 and available in both a yellow/blue and green/pink colorway. Zombie Stance and Dog Man Rides Again are each available online here for 100 Canadian dollars.

Zombie Stance
Dog Man Rides Again (yellow/blue)

Images courtesy of Labrona