Brandalism: Mass-takeover of British billboards

Paul Insect in Leeds

Brandalism is a large-scale billboard hijacking project up right now throughout England. The organizers have put artwork over ads in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and London over the past few days, and they’ve worked with dozens of artists from 8 countries to do it. So far, about 35 billboards have been taken over and replaced with art, but there may be as many as 50 when the project is finished. The project calls itself the “the world’s first international, collaborative subvertising project,” which is not true, but it is still very exciting and a high-impact way to show what could be in our public spaces instead of advertising. Some fantastic artists have contributed to the project including Jordan Seiler, OX, Ron English, Cleon Peterson, Paul Insect and Know Hope.

You can read more about Brandalism in The Independent or on the project website.

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Last Night A DJ Bashed My Head In

If you live in London, you’ve probably had a hard time avoiding to police department’s latest advertising campaign for volunteer police: “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.” In light of Ian Tomlinson‘s recent death at the hands of the London Police, some people are having a hard time believing the London Police always have the people’s best interests at heart. The Space Hijackers have done a very powerful project on this issue.

Last Night

Last Night

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