From Mexico City to NYC: at Dorian Grey Gallery and on NYC streets


Ranging from meticulously-crafted drawings to bold paintings, the artworks on exhibit at NYC’s Dorian Grey Gallery are a homage to Mexican street art. A number of artists who were in town for the exhibit also hit the streets, as well. Here’s a sampling of both:

Meca at Dorian Grey
Meca at Dorian Grey
Meca in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Meca in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Bebo at Dorian Grey
Bebo at Dorian Grey
Bebo in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Bebo in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Saner at Dorian Grey
Saner at Dorian Grey
Smithe at Dorian Grey
Smithe at Dorian Grey
Dhear at Dorian Grey
Dhear at Dorian Grey
Fsuca with Kazy in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Fusca with Kazy in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

12 Mexican Street Artists continues through June 15th at 437 East 9th Street in Manhattan’s East Village. Additional murals — by the artists on exhibit at Dorian Grey Gallery — can be found on the corner of DeKalb and Spencer in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson and Lois Stavsky

Big Up… Bue the Warrior!

This is Belgium’s Bue the Warrior. Recently he’s been collaborating with Billy and Low Bros in Berlin on some fantastic walls and shutters, pictures of which I posted last week. I rather like his style, (maybe because it’s similar to a few other artists I like), so here a few of his other pieces from all around the world. Enjoy.

Pointdextr, Pest, Roa, Bue and Resto (2009)
Resto and Bue (2009)
Roa and Bue (2009)
Dextr and Bue (Gent, Belgium 2008)
Topo, Resto, Zosen and Bue (Gent, Belgium 2011)
Pest, MR Fixit and Bue (Zomergem, Belgium 2011)
Bue (2010)
Pez and Bue (Barcelona 2007)
Bue and Pixel Pancho (Paris 2009)
Dhear, Bue, Smithe, Stnk and News (Mexico City 2010)

For more pictures of Bue’s work check out his flickr here.

All photos by Bue.

The Fiesta Resistance

Finally found some pictures from The Fiesta Resistance on now at Pictures on Walls. They’ve just released a bunch of stunning prints (Banksy, Date Farmers, Anthony Lister, Dran…), but I want to focus on just their show with The Date Farmers, Saner and Smithe.

Date Farmers






All photos by Unusual Image, who has many more pics from the show on his flickr.

Mexico at POW


I am very excited to go to Miami in December, but I am also epically disappointed to be missing this show at the new Pictures on Walls. I don’t know Smithe but Date Farmers and Saner are great and it’s something completely different from most of the UK scene. Londoners had better go and take loads of pictures for me.

This may also be a sign of things to come for POW. Their new open-but-not-really-officially-open gallery-but-really-shop-but-really-just-an-office space on Commercial Street could become a meeting point and hang out spot for the London street art scene, like Ad Hoc Art was in NYC. It could become a gallery, a shop, a print studio, whatever! I’m hoping for something like a print shop and occasional gallery.