Rawhide solo show in Austrailia

Opening this Friday, Australian paint-roller connoisseurs “Rawhide” (aka Ankles and Smile) have decided to display their craftsmanship through collage in their show • C R E W / C U T S •. The video echos a few themes of the show, which Ankles describes best: “the visual equivalent of sample-heavy scratch DJs such as Cut Chemist, Kid Koala and The Avalanches. It is a time-consuming process digging through crates of pre-1970s magazines and books, removing type and image from their original context and rearranging it to form some self-referential narrative.”

If you’re in the Adelaide, South Australia area on Friday, March 19th, stop by Magazine Gallery to check out the work!


Photo by Ankles

Rawhide rollers

There’s something about these RAWHIDE rollers by Ankles and Smile that I really like. Obviously they’re influenced by ReadMoreBooks, Steve Powers and maybe AvoidPi, but that’s alright by me. These guys are doing some rollers that are a step above what you’re likely to see day-to-day. And they are (or at least Ankles is) based in Adelaide, Australia, so it’s cool to see something so nice coming out of a city that isn’t internationally known for their street art or graffiti.

Photos courtesy of Ankles