Wild Style Wednesday!

Amour. Photo by Morac19.

Half the can I used to be. And a day late, but that’s RJ’s fault.

Piece and photo by Sokem
Tag by Sniper. Photo by Herbalizer.
Shane. Photo by Morac19.
Ponk and 3Dom. Photo by Heavy Artillery
Size in London. Photo by HowAboutNo!
Jeroo. Photo by From Around The Wizzle.
NDSM. Photo by Wojofoto.
Getup by HowAboutNo!
WORDsmiths by Takt. Photo by Spam Crew.
Dscreet. Photo by HowAboutNo!

Photos by From Around The WizzleHeavy ArtilleryHerbalizerHowAboutNo!Morac19Sokem, Spam Crew, and Wojofoto

Wild Style Wednesday!

Skare in Paris. Photo by VitoStreet

They say actions are louder than words and a picture says a thousand words… Graffiti is the action of painting a picture of a word, thus making it an ultimate means of communication for mankind. -Szr (via 12ozProphet)

Rude Cake. Photo by by Spam Crew
Shane. Photo by HowAboutNo!
Sueme. Photo by Wojofoto
Dabs/Myla. Photo by thesaltr
Dash. Photo by Morac19
Rulers. Photo by Big Bozo
Ta'Mere. Photo by HowAboutNo!