Azo’s summer pieces

Lutsk, Ukraine. Click to view large.

Azo is a Ukrainian artist currently based in Kiev, but he recently did a bit of painting and traveling around Europe. Azo’s work freaks me the hell out, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. Actually, the creepiness is exactly why I love it. His characters are something between Phlegm, Know Hope and Parra, but darker (okay, Parra can already be pretty dark, but darker than Phlegm and Know Hope).

Bergamo, Italy
Porto, Portugal. Click to view large.
Pozharki, Ukraine
Collaboration between Seth, Dem189 and Azo in Paris

Photos by Azo

Seth Globepainter

Seth in Cambodia

Julien Seth is a public art documentarian for French television. The job’s required traveling has given Seth some interesting opportunities. Plenty of street artists these days travel and put work up around the globe, but instead of sticking to some blandly universal subject matter, Seth’s murals are inspired by the countries they’re painted in.

Here are a few examples of Julien Seth’s work. For more, check out his Facebook or his Flickr.

Seth in South Africa
Seth in India

He’s collaborated with Know Hope and Broken Fingaz in Israel, with El DecertorEntes & PessimoJade in Peru, and he is part of the “French Kiss” collective with Dem189, Lek and Swiz in his home country of France. Currently, Seth is in the Ukraine, painting with Kislow and Teck.

Seth with Unga in Paris
Seth in Hong Kong
Seth in Chili
Seth in Cambodia

Photos by Seth

Broken Fingaz’s solo show in Vienna

If you’re a Broken Fingaz fan in Vienna, you’re in luck. If you’re not a Broken Fingaz fan but you are in Vienna, you’re still in luck because you’re about to become a fan. If you’re a Broken Fingaz fan and are not in Vienna (like me) but can afford to travel there (not like me), call work and tell them you’re sick because this Thursday, June 28th they have yet another solo show (because let’s be honest, who’s going to put work next to BF’s?) opening at Inoperable Gallery. For this show, they’ll be exhibiting some new works alongside pieces from their recent show in London and will hang through the month of the July. The piece above, done recently on the side of the gallery, is entitled “Chase the Devil” which is a play on the long history of Devil mythology in Vienna.

It seems that Unga will not be apart of this show, but he’s been busy; Unga and Insa have been blowing up the ‘Reblog’ button with this dope mural GIF. He also put up work with Lush in London and in Paris with Seth, Dem189 and Babs which was probably around the time of the group show in Paris, for which Broken Fingaz showed alongside Pure Evil and  Pascal Le Gras.

Photos courtesy of Inoperable Gallery

New from Know Hope

Know Hope sent over some images of his recent work indoors and outdoors. The indoor piece, Substitute, is for an upcoming group show at White Wallsin San Fransisco. That show opens February 11th.

Collaboration between Know Hope and Seth. Photo by Seth

Photos courtesy of Know Hope